Meet the Team Behind Mother Earth.


Founder & President

The driving force behind Mother Earth, Mrs. Kunti Balwaria embodies the company's commitment to environmental sustainability. Her vision and dedication have been instrumental in steering the company towards its goal of tackling plastic pollution and promoting eco-friendly practices.



As the Controller, Mr. Sunny Balwaria is pivotal in overseeing Mother Earth's financial and operational facets. His collaboration with Mrs. Kunti Balwaria fortifies the company's foundation, ensuring its trajectory towards growth and success.

Department: Research and Development

Mr. Amanpreet Shergill - Project Manager, Research and Development

Wearing dual hats, Mr. Amanpreet Shergill not only manages diverse projects but also delves deep into research initiatives. His keen business acumen along with a His involvement ensures that Mother Earth remains at the forefront of innovative solutions.

Department: Supply chain

Mr. Sateesh Kadiyala

Mr. Sateesh will oversee the Supply Chain, guaranteeing a seamless transition of materials and resources for production

Department: Health and Safety

Ms. Molly Donovan

Ms. Molly is in charge of Health and Safety protocols, guaranteeing a safe and regulation-adherent workplace.

Department: Information Technology

Mr. Ashutosh Balwaria

Mr. Ashutosh handles IT, ensuring the company’s technological infrastructure supports its operations.

Department: Operations

Mr. Amanpreet Singh - Operations Manager

Mr. Amanpreet will supervise daily operations to guarantee efficiency.

Department: Administration

Mrs. Monika Bhatti - Administrative Assistant

The backbone of daily operations, Mrs. Monika Bhatti's impeccable organizational skills ensure that the company runs smoothly. Her keen attention to detail enhances Mother Earth's efficiency, making her an invaluable asset to the team.


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